Life Lessons Manifesto

Put the baggage down already, your arms will thank you. Travel light. Say what you need to say and move on. BE dangerous. BE mysterious. BE humble. BE grateful. Smell good. See love everywhere because it is. Buy the fucking shoes, always buy the shoes. Love yourself, get to know you intimately, pleasure yourself in every way and with all the senses, know the way you breathe, know your sigh when you have an orgasm, know what makes your heart melt and your eyes cry, know what and who makes your eyes twinkle. Love your laugh, it is you and you are here, now, in THIS moment. Know and LOVE your body, I mean really LOVE your body, your mind and your soul ~ they are all damn sexy on you. Find your BEST self in others. Be nice in a world that can be so cruel. Get excited. Keep believing that what is in your heart is true, is real, is worthy, and is awaiting your in your future. STOP worrying about outcome and your thighs. Replace hope with faith. Watch a sunrise in solitude. Talk to your God, even if your God is fine cashmere, talk, and then shut the fuck up and listen to what God is trying to tell you. Unplug the hamster wheel. LAUGH ~ you are funny and so is LIFE. Forgive yourself – do it NOW! Give a shit about something. Speak truth to power and stand your ground. STOP trying to change people. Don’t look back anymore; you are not going that way. Get rid of anything that does not bring you JOY. Listen to a cat purr, pet a dog ~ animals have all the answers. Ask an older person what they know for sure. Wear lingerie every day. Fall IN LOVE, deep, crazy, head over heels in love. Stop trying to protect yourself from pain, there IS no magic shield. KNOW what and who you are putting into your body – choose wisely. Choose even more wisely who you let into your soul but damn it, let someone in there. Forgive your parents, forgive everyone for everything and FORGIVE YOURSELF. You are more BEAUTIFUL, powerful and sexy than you know. Catch a snowflake, stand in the rain, close your eyes and raise your face to the heavens. Allow someone to see and love all of you – they will, I promise.  Savour food, life, experiences, friends and most importantly savor love. Give up control, that shit be heavy. Don’t be afraid of your feelings. Stop making things so complicated, they aren’t. You don’t have to fight anymore, everything is FOR you. Do something that scares the shit out of you. Lose yourself in something but not in another. Get out there and try stuff so your passion can find you. Do things that make your soul sing. Know when to walk away. Regrets are good ~ means you are learning. Travel somewhere. LET GO of everything. Create. Live a life that makes a difference in someone else’s. Remember we all struggle but we all want love. Stare at the stars. Drop all your judgements, ALL of them. Trust yourself, trust yourself MORE. All is well. Think big, daydream bigger, wish on stars and work smart. Mind your own business. NEVER kick a fresh turd on a hot day. Stop beating your body into submission ~ LET IT BE, it will speak to you and tell you what it needs and loves to do. Be kinder. Do what is right so you can face yourself in the mirror. Drop your hurts, people may have hurt but you hurt people too........Now go.......

BREATHE deeply, LIVE fully and LOVE MADLY!


Rhonda Cochrane