We kill in the name of them.

We hate in the name of them.

We love in the name of them.

We blindly follow a religion and its traditions in the name of them, sometimes to war and death. More often than not into guilt and deceit, ergo more guilt, more deceit, more guilt and on it goes.

We define our lives by our beliefs. Our beliefs run our lives and color every single decision we make yet we rarely, if ever examine them.

If I were to ask you what you believe, what would you say?

Do you believe in fairness and equality yet live your life stomping on anyone who gets in your way and secretly hate that a person of colour, disability or gender got the job instead of you?

Do you believe in loving and helping your fellow man yet you turn a blind eye to unspeakable atrocities in foreign countries, in YOUR OWN country? Do you walk on by as an old woman is mugged, a child is abused or a crime is committed? Do you call the police when your neighbour is beating his wife?

Do you believe in global warming but don’t recycle or reduce your footprint?

Do you believe in the sanctity of marriage yet you and your partner are talking about why your information has been leaked from Ashley Madison?

Do you believe attending church on Sunday absolves you of all your sins during the week? Do you believe we are all born ‘sinners’ in need of forgiveness, that we come into this world already flawed, naughty and in need of repair?

Do you believe that blacks are dirty, homosexuals are sick and that every Muslim is a terrorist?

Do you believe in the right to bear arms?

Do you believe in racism? No? Really?  Have you ever done racial profiling? No? Really?

Do you believe there is no Prince Charming coming to sweep you off your feet yet you take your daughter to every Princess Disney movie that perpetuates exactly that?

Do you believe in capital punishment?

Do you believe that real men don’t cry?

Do you believe you are stupid, a loser and will never amount to anything?

Do you believe that addicts are medically sick, mentally ill or just pieces of shit that can’t get their lives together? Do you believe you are better than them?

Do you believe prostitutes are despicable and bring shame to their family? How do you believe they got there in the first place and how do you believe they stay in business? It is easier to judge isn’t?

Do you believe in the pursuit of excellence yet rise to mediocrity and complain about never getting a break?

Do you believe the world is a scary place?

Do you believe that animals are to be treated with respect yet you kick your dog when you had a crummy day?

Do you believe you are better than me because of the colour of your skin, the education you have or the zip code you live in?

Do you believe in staying married for the children’s sake? Do you believe you stay married, no matter what?

Do you believe homeless people just need to get their shit together and get a job?

Do you believe priests should remain celibate? Ask a choir boy what he believes.

Do you believe in human trafficking, sexual exploitation of women and children? Do you watch porn? 

Do you believe that a woman asks to be raped by the clothes she wears?

Do you believe that being under the ‘influence’ of drugs or alcohol excuses behaviour? Do you believe our justice system believes that? Ask the family whose daughter was brutally murdered in premeditation but the defence claimed drunk so the husband got 5 years AND the children.

Do you believe women that choose not to have children are selfish?

Do you believe in abortion? Do you believe a woman has the right to choose? Do you believe in genital mutilation?

Do you believe in angels, gods, demons?

Do you believe fat people are less than and just lazy, lacking willpower?

Do you believe that prisoners should be locked away forever?

Do you believe in sexual addiction or is that just shit rolled in some glitter to look all pretty?

Do you believe in unicorns, UFO’s and aliens?

Do you believe that women provoke men to hit them? Do you believe a husband has the right to force sexual intercourse on his wife?

Do you believe that God sees EVERYTHING and forgives everything?

Do you believe love will be enough?

Do you belief in free speech yet heckle or attack those that protest? Do you believe your right to free speech is more important that your Muslim neighbours right to free speech?

Do you believe that you are worthless, unlovable, not good enough and therefore pick people, places and things that support that belief? Who gave you that belief?

Do you believe in Santa Claus? What about the Tooth Fairy? I bet you found out your parents lied to you about those two people; maybe they lied to you about God too?

Do you believe that mothers know when their children are being sexually abused in their own homes and therefore they are as responsible as the perpetrator?

Do you believe you are right? Will you die for that belief or will you choose to die for someone else’s belief?

Do you believe if you have sex he/she will love you, stay with you, come back to you?

Do you believe in love?

Do you believe in unconditional love?

Do you believe you matter?

Do you believe you are worthy?

Do you believe in yourself?


What are your ‘core’ beliefs that were given to you by your early caregivers and what are your ‘perfunctory’ desultory beliefs given to you life, media, etc?  Both have immense power for good and for evil and warrant a deep, thoughtful review.


Every judgement you make is a reflection of your belief system. Are you judging me now because I have written this? Are you wondering who the fuck I think I am?


When was the last time you examined your behaviour and your thoughts for your hidden beliefs? They are there you know, we all see them.


I am not suggesting your beliefs are right OR wrong, I am suggesting, in fact, I am certain that most of what you believe, you never chose yet everything you do everyday is run by them.


How are those beliefs working for you?


Ask WHY you hold the beliefs you do. Be like a tenacious, curious two year old and ask why until you examine it from every angle. Don’t do this alone, we buy our own lies, engage with people, have deep, ugly conversations about beliefs until it either makes sense to keep the belief or it makes no sense to keep it.


Maybe it is time to change?

Maybe it is time for your life to be congruent.

Maybe you start feeding the homeless and maybe you don’t. Maybe you start examining your marriage and maybe you don’t.

Maybe you start loving yourself, maybe you don’t……

Life is bloody, radiant, gritty, complicated, ugly and beautiful viewed through a kaleidoscope of grey with only one absolute and that is that…..There are no absolutes.

We are not better than or less than – we merely are our held beliefs.

I ask you again, WHAT do you BELIEVE?