Absorbed - to be intensely engaged, engrossed, deeply interested, preoccupied, to take in without echo, recoil or reflection.

Being absorbed, like being deeply desired is intoxicating, leaving you with a sense of being consumed, as you would be by a lover. By their desire for you, by your soul connection you absorb and become absorbed.

When engaged in absorption lips meet and there is intensity, fire, warmth, passion, fear, electricity, comfort and safety all in one kiss. 

Being absorbed is a process like no other - a process that leaves you seeking more depth, more clarity, more direction. It feels as though something buried in you has been awoken from a deep sleep or a part of you long since silenced has started to sing or the part of you that left and gave up finally arrived home after a tiresome journey. 

Absorption looks you in the eye and say hell yeah, I see you. It grabs your hand, pulls you close and bores into the centre of all you have ever wanted and feared. It is as if you have finally found ‘it’, that elusive connection, you finally feel safe in your own skin giving yourself into another becoming enmeshed.

It is as if you are on a high wire with no net, exhilarating, empowering and fucking terrifying. It is as though all your abilities to protect yourself are futile leaving you with no choice but to be open and risk vulnerability as you never have before because it makes you feel so fucking alive.

It is not about lust, sexual cravings or carnal desire, it is more mature than that. It is about intelligent, thought provoking engagement.  It is about belief and behavioural pattern exploration, it is about acceptance and grace. It is about being SO in the moment that all else ceases and you pull the moment into your bones as memories that will stay. Memories that will rise into the cellular level of your body and then seep back into your bones where they settle with a satisfied grin. The moment does not just stay etched in your body it becomes you, it is visible in how you move, what you see, what you smell, what you seek, what you desire, what you crave. 

It is about souls standing face to face, inches apart breathing each other in, seeing, sensing each other after years of playing hide and seek and searching.

It is about souls talking without uttering a sound, about a knowing, it is about feeling as if you have known this person for a 1000 years. As if you have known or loved them before this lifetime, before this very moment, everything is familiar yet everything is new and dangerous. 

When souls and bodies touch, it is as though two worlds collide. It is an intense experience that awakens your body and soul with just a kiss from lips that somehow know yours, from a touch that you have ached for from a hand that somehow knew. It is an explosion of simultaneous release that pulls you towards a light far off in the distance with such force and such heat that you are thrust back with a jolt as if you just touched the sun.

It is as though you can no longer hide, once absorbed you are so fully seen that it is unnerving. You cannot pretend, lie or evade for that person sees you so very clearly. You are naked, vulnerable, exposed, on display to be explored, to be challenged, forcing you to retreat or grow.

It is simultaneously exhilarating and excruciating ~ souls that engage in absorption understand that it is the single most exquisitely perfect art form of mindfulness, of living IN the moment. It is not about sick obsession, it is about knowing that each moment is precious, fleeting and quickly gone unless taken in fully, unless felt in your bones, unless absorbed into your soul.

Absorption is no guarantee, it is no promise but it is extraordinary, passionate and so deep the ocean is jealous.