There is peace this morning, the house is quiet, and the coffee is strong.

I have one cat curled on my lap and the other at my feet as I write this and welcome my new year. I am fifty- three today! It is amazing to me that I have been on this earth, living, breathing, loving, suffering and growing for fifty-three years.

This glorious morning there is a sense of calm in me that feels like home, a home that is welcoming, warm, safe and full of love and laughter. I have been noticing lately that I no longer have any desire to chase anything or to control anything. I finally realize how futile and energy sucking that is. The reality is I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore, least of all myself. I have proven over and over and over again. I am done. I feel a completeness if you will. This does not mean I will not learn, grow or set goals. This means I will only learn, grow and set goals that truly inspire me or fuel passion, not as a way to slay demons. That is where the calmness comes from, my demons and I are satisfied and have come to understand each other. I no longer have to define or justify my existence by what I do or what I have achieved. I am more concerned with how I can be of SERVICE to others.

The tattoo on my wrist simply says it all ~ I AM.

I thought I would share some things I have learnt along the way, some were easy to get, most were not.

EXPERIENCES are more important than stuff


DO what you think you can’t

Weigh your RISK/reward and act accordingly

As Maya Angelou said “When people show you who they are, believe them the FIRST time”

When necessary APOLOGIZE when you are wrong or have made a mistake. NEVER apologize for who you are!

Dress to PLEASE yourself and wear what you want - not what you think others think you should wear

LIFE does not always go according to your calendar but what is for you will come – watch for it, it may be disguised as loss

LOVE is all that matters

EXERCISE your mind and your body – treat your vessel as a precious temple for it holds your spirit


Pain is inevitable, suffering is NOT – Buddha was one smart being

Not everyone deserves to sit at your table – CHOOSE your people carefully

LISTEN to your gut – it does not lie and may well save your life one day

Live IN gratitude

BE yoga


CREATE - whether it be a gourmet meal, pottery, a knitted sweater or space, create!

Decide what you want your LEGACY to be and act towards that everyday

No matter how hard it is or how many times you have been hurt – stay OPEN

LEARN – whether it be a new language, how to paint, or how to be alone, learn something. It will keep your brain young and you strong

Nobody rides for free – we all HURT

BE in nature

We are all ENERGY – simultaneously masculine and feminine – there is beauty in strength and there is strength in VULNERABILITY – be both


Be kind – we all deserve KINDNESS

EXAMINE your anger, it holds your SECRETS

KNOW and LOVE yourself – this may be the hardest thing you will ever do but you must do both

Be fiercely LOYAL – to yourself

You don’t need riches to live in ABUNDANCE

Speak your TRUTH

Never compromise your ETHICS


ALWAYS buy the shoes

They say with age comes wisdom, I don’t know. I say with age comes a deep spirit recognition that time is finite and simply MUST be spent without drama and in as much utter joy as possible.

So today, as the sun starts to rise, I embark on the next chapter of my life with bone deep gratitude for this gift and a 4 day kayaking trip with Orcas!

I am IN LOVE with LIFE!