The story goes that on Plato’s deathbed he was asked to summarize his great life work, The Dialogues, and he said, “practice dying”.

Buddhism suggests the same, impermanence, become intimate with impermanence, with the death of all things.

The talented Nora Ephron wrote about what she thought she would miss and not miss when she died.

It is in the spirit of Plato, Buddha and Nora that I share my lists in the hopes that I can inspire you to give thought to that which you really enjoy, love, crave and that which you could do without in the hopes that you can bring more of what speaks to your soul and less of what does not. Here we go:

I will not miss:

President Trump

Shopping at Costco

The sound of traffic


Computer Viruses

Social Media

I will miss:

Hot, strong espresso




Honey Lavender Crème Brûlée

The feeling of a great pair of high heels

Contemporary Ballet

Stephen Colbert and Alec Baldwin on President Trump - well, not ‘on’ but doing, well not ‘doing’ - forget it. I will miss Stephen and Alec period

Listening to Prince preach

Walking in the tress

A good massage, one that does not lead to sex

A good massage, one that leads to sex

Sex, sex that does not lead to a massage

Laughing hard with my BFF


Deep philosophical discussions

My cats on my lap and listening to them purr

Discovering new music



Watermelon and Feta Salad

The smell of rain

The ocean



Candlelight dinners

Birds singing

The beach

Hot, fragrant bubble baths

Puppies and Kittens

Mom’s potato salad


Truffles, oh and cheese, Oh oh, truffle cheese - yes I will miss that

A good pedicure, one that does not lead to sex


A good night’s sleep. Although I imagine death is like forever sleeping so I will miss a good bed


Sunsets and Sunrises