I know it has been a long time since I have posted and it has been a journey, or should I say it is a journey. 

It is hard for me to say, to admit, to write but it is the truth. I have been, no, I am depressed. I am starting to feel like I might be coming out the other side, thanks in part to something called bio identical hormones. You see, overnight I became so old that I found myself post menopausal and without estrogen. It is a long story and I only share that snippet to offer a suggestion-get your hormone levels checked.

Ok, back to this, I have been writing, some poetry, some chapters for that book I never seem to finish and have started a new one. A new idea that I think is what I have been looking for. I have been looking for ways to tell my story and I think I may have found it.

I was asked to write for a site and have published a couple of articles there and I got my first paid writing job. 

A kindred spirit who has become a long distance sister/friend has started a new website and it is great, Tracey Jackson, author of Between a Rock and a Hot Place, Why Fifty is not the new Thirty, co-author with Paul Williams of Gratitude and Trust, screenplay writer, blogger and woman extraordinaire has entered a new chapter of her life and started a site called Balance and Beam, check it out:


I have written for Tracey and Paul on their Gratitude and Trust site but this time Tracey bought an article I wrote and you can find it on her new site, it is called Remember and located here:



The other site that asked me to write for them is called Sivana East, check it out here:


My two articles are Cliches and Skin, the first is a little bit about what I have been going through in the last year and the second is about being comfortable in my own skin, check them out here:



If you are reading this, then I thank you for sticking around, I will be writing and posting more frequently as I enter a new chapter in my life!