"Rhonda: courageous, humble, wisdom, inspirational, resilient, profound, uplifting, insightful, and genuine. She has the unique ability to also call you out when you are being untrue to yourself.  She sees when we are trying to hide behind our own lies of “it’s OK”, “I’m fine”, “no nothing is wrong”… she calls us out with an open heart and an emphatic ear.  I cannot tell you how many times she has listened to me, allowed me to vent, challenge me to be a better person (mentally and physically), and most importantly remind me how amazing I am at every point in my life (good, the bad, and the ugly).  She is blessed with the ability to see people for who they truly are, and when she does she inspires them to be that person.  One of the most beautiful things about her is that she is real and genuine.  She has flaws like we all do and she will openly admit them and strives to embrace them.  She is not a person that projects she is above everything or everyone – she is as real as you and I.  Humble in her achievements, She accomplishes her goals with style, grace and all the energy in the world.  When she commits to a project, person, or her own personal goal it is done with her passion and courage to see it through fully (no stone overturned and no regrets).  Quick witted and a style for all things sparkly and fashionable, she is unique in every sense."       A. L.

"I have been a faithful (and unpaid) reader of Rhonda’s articles since she began writing them. Actually I’ve been exposed to her humor, her irreverence and her insights when many of her articles were just ideas born out of her inquisitive ponderings on life, love, joy, sadness, fear, angst, dreams, lifestyle, health and a lot on shoes. If I had a pair of shoes for every spectacular article Rhonda wrote, why I’d have almost as many shoes as she does!  Rhonda writes from the heart and from a place where only truly examined lived experience resides. I would dare you to read her stuff and NOT find something that resonates with you. She’s vulnerable, a label she is beginning to embrace where her thoughts and musings are concerned. What she brings to her work is an intense curiosity and it is contagious. Her ideas and perspective have prompted me to wander down trails of thought I didn’t know existed.  What you will enjoy is that she is a curator of her many ideas, selecting ones to interest the reader because they interest her. And most often her instincts are right. There is a connection you feel when you join in her explorations and a realization that you aren’t the only scared, worried, fearful, curious soul out there longing for someone to say “I get you.” Rhonda ‘gets’ you. ‘Gets’ us. Enjoy. Soon you too will be embracing her mottos…never pass up the chance to pee and always buy the shoes. Always."     D.M.

"My friend, my mentor, my inspiration...a few words to describe the brilliant and beautiful Rhonda Cochrane. I have shared so many lovely memories with this woman of integrity and truth. She continues to motivate me to move forward to grab life by it's balls (chocolate balls that is...we share a love of chocolate!...and of course shoes!)
Rhonda graced me with her presence, her boldness, her wisdom some years ago. I have known her through some turbulent times and some gut laughing my ass off times. I have been honoured to call her my friend. Thank you for gracing me with your presence and your blessings".    S.E. 

"Rhonda is a passionate, courageous and wise woman with a breadth and depth of experiences that inspire her writings - writings which are raw, honest and captivating. Rhonda’s writings have taught and reinforced for me how to be brave, cherish fear, embrace it, face it and move beyond it with compassionate curiosity.  You will be able to relate with this lovely, honest and strong woman.  She is a speaker, published author, leader, talented life coach, avid athlete, devoted friend, and lives life with integrity and passion.  If you’ve ever doubted yourself, ever been afraid and ever felt alone these writings will uplift you and encourage you to explore, dream, journey, and embrace all parts of you.  Her writing will help you heal. Have you ever lost love? Have your ever doubted that you will find love?  Have you ever been afraid?  Have you ever felt like a failure?  I certainly have and felt like I had a friend in these writings and a reminder that every experience in life is meaningful.  Thank you for sharing your writings with me – with love and gratitude."     D.

"As a personal trainer Rhonda is incredibly diverse in her training approach.  She is very attentive to what you want to get out of your sessions and always comes prepared to make each session time well spent.   Even on the days when there are aches and pains or twinges she will switch you to another exercise on the fly that won’t compromise your body so you can still have an effective workout.  I never know what to expect when I get there which keeps things interesting and never becomes tedious.  Whatever goal you want to achieve, whether inside or outside of the gym, the program she designs is tailored to help you achieve that and shows how invested she is in your success.  I have seen remarkable results working with Rhonda and the belief she has had in me even when I didn’t has made me ever thankful to have her as my personal trainer."  W.

"Rhonda is not only an amazing writer and truth-teller, but a woman of character and substance who believes and lives what she writes about.  She inspires, not afraid to talk about her personal journey through her writing, processing her own experiences while at the same time encouraging others to explore theirs.  She is an incredible athlete and a leader both inside and outside of her workplace, leading and coaching women to pursue their vocational, personal or fitness goals.  Personally, she is the reason I pursued further education in an area I am passionate about, and when I reflect on how our paths crossed, I am convinced it was a Divine appointment.  I feel honoured and privileged to have worked with Rhonda and to call her a friend and fellow sojourner. - TW